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This is just another online-resource[like this] of Dr. Ambedkar’s work. It intends to be a provenance of authentic quotes and references, without falling off. It also aims to bring home, in a piecemeal manner, the seventeen voluminous and recondite books, which otherwise may not be easy to cut our teeth with.

We found that the writings and speeches of Dr. Ambedkar give simple and very clear view of his philosophy and Ideals. Moreover, these documents are souvenir of his pragmatism and disinterestedness in dealing with then socio-political issues, much of which remain relevant till date. Even though it is expected from the people, who want to understand the social and political history of the India, to read Dr. Ambedkar’s books completely, usually people try to understand his views by hearsay, interpretations and more recently from inauthentic internet sources. The problem comes when different people have different interpretations sometimes because of their bias about the subject and/or their half-backed understanding of Dr. Ambedkar’s teachings. This blogs provides his own words straight from “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar writing and speeches”, in context.

Though the time has changed, the scholarly work done by Babasaheb  remains still very much important for making a better society and nation as a whole.

The Header
The picture in the header contains the most famous appeal of Dr. Ambedkar to the depressed classes. In the abysmal darkness buffets of clouds, illuminated by a silver lining somewhere, are marked by the towering presence of a Dalit woman. A baby in her arm, a fist raised high exhibit the volcano of indomitable Dalit spirit.

(the picture of the lady was from a dalit protest in Bangalore, photographed by K. GOPINATHAN and published in Frontline-Volume 21 – Issue 23, Nov. 06 – 19, 2004. She was among the large crowd)


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