Brahminical ideals

16 07 2007

Indeed the Brahmins were engaged in defending every wrong for the simple reason that they lived on them. They defended Untouchability which condemned millions to the lot of the helot. They defended caste, they defended female child marriage and they defended enforced widowhood—the two great props of the Caste system. They defended the burning of widows, and they defended the social system of graded inequality with its rule of hypergamy which led the Rajputs to kill in their thousands the daughters that were born to them. What shames ! What wrongs! Can such a society show its face before civilized nations ? Can such a society hope to survive ? Such were the questions which Ranade asked. He concluded that on only one condition it could be saved—namely, rigorous social reform.

SECTION V, Ranade, Gandhi and Jinnah. Vol-I, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writing and Speeches




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7 10 2007

Ambedkar married Ramabai, a nine-year old girl from Dapoli. Ha!

12 10 2007

Two points..
1. What was Dr. Ambedkar’s age at the time ? He was 15 and he appeared matriculation exam the next year. So if you(its not exactly you but your parents) observed a tradition (e.g of child marriage) while you were a child, you lose the morality of criticising that very tradition when you are matured and wise, and set things right for the future generations???

2. What were the age group and scholastic attainment of those who were supporting child-marriages, sati and untouchability.

hilarious logic!!

16 03 2008

Great observations!

Do you know who is practising untouchability in the southern districts of TN? Go and see for yourself.

Dont blame brahmins for evry dam thing. Other powerful communities have mastered the art of using Antibrahminism for their own benefit for long.

Whatever is unnatural can not last for long.

8 07 2012

Brahmins should accept, Coz they are the one designed this Hierarchy..
They cannot escape form this…

16 08 2008
I beg to differ

I would like to point out a few thngs. Firstly hindus dnt hve ‘many Gods’we hve different aspects of one Supreme God. Secondly. Just as people general stereotype muslims as terrorists u hve dne a lot of stereotyping here. Please do ur homework before you choose to bash. Hinduism in itself acknowledges that there are many paths to God and that it is but one of the many religions.There is a difference between religion and misinterpretation of it. All you hve done is taken the misinterpretation for religious practice and ended up diverting your anger towards ‘hindus’ who in effect would not be considered as proper hindus if they accepted ignorance, degradation of females and weakness.

22 04 2010

Truth is bitter my dear friends

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