Is priestly class needed ??

6 06 2007

Religion like any other ideololgy can be attained only by propaganda. If propoganda fails, religion must disappear. The priestly class, however detestable it may be, is necessary to the sustenance of religion. For it is by its propoganda that religion is kept up. Without the priestly class religion must disappear.

N B:- This quote must not be used as an arguement for a brahminism as in the later chapters he talks (we will link soon) that limning this(any priestly e.g buddhist monastry) class too rigid was one of the many reasons that Buddhism succumbed to brahminism.

CHAPTER-5- The Decline and Fall of Buddhism, part-III. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Ancient India, Volume-III. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writing and Speeches




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